Thursday, March 28, 2013

Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren

    Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren
Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren
This was a really good book.. It's was funny, serious and I really did like the way that Chloe and Bennett interacted with each other. She was fiesty and I loved that about her character! I thought Bennett's POV's during the was hilarious! Overall, great book and I can't to read the 2nd one in this series...

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Finding Trust - Natalie Gayle

        Finding Trust
Finding Trust - Natalie Gayle
I received a copy of this book from the author in return for a honest review and I must say that the plot/love story was very interesting. I have read Lora Leigh’s Breeds series so I was familiar with the characters that have the “enhanced DNA characteristics”. This book had that but without the “mating frenzy” that took place in the Breeds books.

First off, the prologue starts off 15 years prior with “The Team” being introduced to each other and who they really were by a government agency called the Centre. It was explained to them what they were and what their purpose would ultimately be. There are twelve members of the team and it was explained to them that their DNA was spliced with the animals from the Chinese calendar. As a result, each member has enhanced abilities such as sight, hearing, speed, etc…

The book takes place in Australia and centers on Brayden and Rihanna who ultimately fall for each other but as always, there are obstacles. Brayden is one of the twelve team members who is assigned with finding Rihanna because she is a vet that has been doing research on a virus called Hendra that has been affecting horses in Australia. Rihanna’s research involves developing a vaccine to prevent the virus from becoming fatal and to contain it. The Centre receives word that the virus may potentially get in the hands of extremists and Brayden is tasked with finding Rihanna and preventing a bioterrorist attack.

Brayden is also a guitarist who fills in for a popular rock band Steel. Rihanna and her best friend Jazz are attending their concert on New Year’s Eve which is how Brayden and Rihanna meet.

Once Brayden reveals himself about his work to Rihanna, the book slows down and I can see why the author slows the action because this is where Brayden and Rihanna fall for each other, but it was a little too slow for my liking. Brayden is torn because he really cannot reveal his true self to Rihanna because is bound by duty to the Centre and his fellow team members to keep it a secret. The book then picks up again when leads are followed and Jazz and a few of Brayden’s team members join in to prevent the attack. I couldn’t put it down during this part.

Overall, this was an nice read; I did have to re-read some passages but only because the book is centered in Australia and the grammar was a little different. I also enjoyed how the POVs were alternated between all of the characters in the book. This was not a bad read and the ending was as I planned, a little predictable but overall it was good story and I’ll give 4 out 5 stars. The plot and storyline was very interesting and the use of the Chinese zodiac was very different.

I’m also anxious to see if Quade and Jazz get their own book even though they cannot stand each in this one which to me is the hint that there’s more to that story…

Thanks Natalie for allowing me to read and review your book!!!