Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wrecked by Jeannine Colette - Review

Wrecked by Jeannine Colette

***4.5 Loved It Stars!***

This was such a great story!!!! Leah was one crazy chick and I loved every aspect of her personality in this book!

Leah has been working at the local bar in town called the Bucking Bronco and she is secretly buying the bar from its current owner and making it her own. Adam is the town narcotics officer and from Leah’s point of view is hell bent on making her life an absolute misery. As teenagers, they were very close as Leah was dating his best friend Brad who secretly had a heroin addiction that he kept from his best friend and girlfriend that ultimately took his life. During this time, Leah and Adam were very close and having a hard time controlling their feelings for each other.
When Brad died, both were devastated and this is where their friendship took a turn for the worse.

As the years pass and Leah is focusing on her future and Adam is focusing on getting the drugs out of his town, both are pushed together by an unforeseeable event and have to come to terms with their past and figure out how to move forward and realize that Brad’s death was not their fault. Will these two be able to accept that the past was out of their hands and reconnect just like when they were teenagers?

This was truly a good story and I look forward to reading more from this author!

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

Monday, June 19, 2017

The Long Way Home by Jasinda Wilder - Cover Reveal!!!

Cover Reveal TLWH


Long Way Home Full.jpg


The Long Way Home - CR


The Long Way Home - book info 

Title: The Long Way Home

Series: The One Series

Author: Jasinda Wilder

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: June 30, 2017

Cover Artist: Okay Creations

The Long Way Home - about book 


 I need you, Ava. 
 I am desperate. For you. For touch. For a kiss.
 For the scrape of your hand down my stomach. For the slide of your lips across my hipbone. The sweep of your thigh against mine in the dulcet, drowning darkness. For the warm huff of your breath on my skin and the wet suck of your mouth around me and the building pressure of need reaching release...I am mad with need. 
 Wild with it. 
 I cannot have you. I have lost you, as I have lost myself.

 And so I go in search. Of myself, and thus the man who might return to you, and take you in his arms.

I loathe each of the thousands of miles between us, but I cannot wish them away, for I hope at the end of my journey I shall find you. Or rather, find myself, and thus…you. Myself, and thus us.

I am taking the long way home, Ava.



 I’m losing my mind, and I don’t know how to stop it. I shouldn’t be writing to you, but I am. I’m friendless, loveless, and lifeless. You’re out there somewhere, and still you’re all I really have. I hate my reliance and dependence on you, emotionally and otherwise, and that reliance is something I’m coming to recognize. I hate that I can’t hate you as much as I want to. 
I hate that I still love you so much.

I hate that there’s no clear solution to our conundrum. Even if we could forgive each other, what then?

I hate you, Christian. I really do.

But most of all, I don’t.

It’s complicated.

Complicatedly (still) yours,

The Long Way Home - goodreads 



The Long Way Home - about author 

New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and internationally bestselling author Jasinda Wilder is a Michigan native with a penchant for titillating tales about sexy men and strong women. Her bestselling titles include Alpha, Stripped, Wounded, and the #1 and international bestseller Falling into You. You can find her on her farm in northern Michigan with her husband, author Jack Wilder, her six children, and a menagerie of animals.
The Long Way Home - connect author 

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Love Rewritten by J. Saman - Review

Love Rewritten

***4 Stars!!***

This is my second read by J. Saman and I really like this book! All the characters are great and I liked how even though they were a bunch of 21 year old, they were very mature for their age.

Abby and her twin Aubrey are away at college. Nina is Abby’s best friend and Xander is Aubrey’s best friend. Abby and Xander were really close during freshman year and their friendship abruptly ends for no apparent reason. Xander was really nasty to Abby in the beginning and we get the really reason why as the story goes on. Abby catches the eye of the lacrosse star player Brandon who she starts dating but Brandon is hiding a secret that has severe consequences. While dating Brandon, Xander seems to be jealous but it’s not clear why he is so jealous in the beginning but we get the reasoning and it all makes sense in the end.

The story was well developed and as I mentioned before, the characters were great! Once all the secrets are revealed, will Abby get her happily ever after? And who will be her HEA once she learns the truth about Brandon’s secret and why Xander was so cold to her.

I’m so looking forward to Nina and Aubrey’s story and I’m sure the author will not disappoint!

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

Torrid by Nikki Sloane - Review

Torrid (Sordid, #2)

*** 4 Stars!***

This was a great follow up to the first! Actually I truly think this one was better than the first book.

Oksana is the illegitimate daughter of Russian mob boss Sergey. Oksana agrees to infiltrate the Serbian mob by getting close to the boss’ nephew Vasilije. Both have their own agendas to take their respective leaders down and from here the twisted Bonnie and Clyde fairy tale begins.

I really liked Oksana’s character in this book. She is just as dark and twisted as her male counterpart in this book which made the story so much better. Vasilije at times reminded me of a spoiled brat but he was just as ruthless as they come. We also get a cameo appearance from Luka and Addison and honestly this could have been omitted from the story because their appearance really didn’t serve a purpose to the plot in my opinion.

As Oksana and Vasilije get close to accomplishing their goal, will their twisted relationship survive once all the secrets and hidden agendas are exposed? Great read and I look forward to more from this author!

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wicked Revenge by Zoey Derrick - Review

Wicked Revenge: A Wicked Angels MC Novel

***4.5 Wicked Stars!!**

What a wicked crazy story this was and loved every page of it! This is my first read by Zoey Derrick and I definitely like her writing style.

Lily “Kiwi” Beaumont has loved Logan “Loki” Williams since she was three years old (LOL her words). Lily’s dad was the President of the Roswell charter of the Wicked Angels MC and grew up in the life and doesn’t see her life going in a different direction. Her parents are killed and her brother Tryke takes extreme measures to keep her safe which is a curse and blessing for Kiwi. She loves the MC life and doesn’t know why her brother is trying to keep it away from her. When her brother is taken from her, Loki is her damnation and salvation.

The story fast forwards from here and this is when the ride starts! I loved Kiwi’s character and we need more heroines like her! She was so mature for her age and that was due to her upbringing. Loki was great as well but some of his decisions made me question his greatness LOL. There are twists in this story and you’ll figure them out at about 75% but it was crazy and the author did a good job with the plot.

I’m so looking forward to next book and I’m sure it will be just as good as this one!

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.