Monday, July 1, 2013

Come Alive - Jessica Hawkins

Come Alive (The Cityscape Series, #2)

I received a copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review and I will say that this was a great follow up to the first book. This book was very emotional and I actually got teary eyed a couple of times through tout the book.

In this chapter, we follow Olivia as she is trying coming to terms with her betrayal to her husband Bill. She actually tries to convince herself that David is in her past but she knows better. It was very sad to read how physically ill Olivia became afterwards and how she bottled up all of her emotions so that no one would question her as to why she was losing so much weight. Everyone thought she was mourning the death of her good friend Davena. The only person who called her on her dramatic weight loss was David and he was truly concerned for Olivia. This is where Olivia really begins to question her marriage to Bill because he is so oblivious to Olivia’s health, wants in life, and “really oblivious” to the fact that they have not made love in three months and never tried to help Olivia during this difficult time. Any man would question this but not Bill. I almost feel as if Bill deserved what Olivia did to him, but almost is the key word.

The book takes a turning point when Olivia finally confesses to Bill about what she did and it seems as if his character did a 180. Although he seems hurt by what she did, nothing really changes with his attitude. Now he is constantly questioning her whereabouts and actually goes out of town during their turmoil which is where the books end, on a cliffhanger I must add J… I am anxious to see what happens in the next installment. I’ll give this 4.5 out of 5 stars and hopefully the last installment will get a 5!

Come Undone - Jessica Hawkins

Come Undone (The Cityscape Series, #1)

I received a copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review and I must say that this was a pretty good book. I know how the topic of adultery can turn off some readers, but this story was a good one even though cheating was involved.

Olivia has been married to Bill for three years now and while at a play, she locks eyes with a total stranger who she comes to find out is David. I truly think in this case, its love at first sight. I almost feel bad for Olivia and David because you kind of want them to hook up already, but at the same time you want to have “morals” and pray that they do the right thing. Cheating is never good regardless of the situation. Olivia’s husband Bill is a pretty straightforward guy but it seems as if he takes his job more seriously than his marriage which I believe is why Olivia took the chances she did in meeting David when she did even if those encounters were innocent. I also didn’t like the fact that Bill lacked the passion that Olivia experienced with David and thought it was okay to just live that way.

Although Olivia gives in for one night, she is utterly torn about what she did and desperately wants to make things right at the expense of her sanity. Overall, this was a good story and it touches a subject that a lot of people can relate to which is unfortunate. I give this 4 out of 5 stars as it was a good book and the plot was there.