Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Combust by Drew Elyse

*****5 Razzle Dazzle Stars *****

Avery and Daz story is a good one; Drew Elyse gave such a good MC story I couldn’t put it down and I could wait to see how it was going to end. Avery is a stripper at the Candy Shop club that Daz owns and runs; Avery has been stripping as soon as she became legal but her real dream is to own a bakery. Daz has been after Avery since she first walked into the Candy Shop; she is not like the others for Daz her beauty, her fiery red hair, her body and her sass had him drooling and trying every trick in his arsenal to get her in his bed, but nothing seems to get her attention in a positive way. Everything Daz tries gets him nowhere with Avery but his attempts gets him eye rolls and cupcakes. Daz special treat for his birthday changed the game between him and Avery. Avery thought one and done and move forward but what Avery wasn’t ready for was Daz changing his mind.  When tragedy happens to Daz Avery becomes more to him and Avery not sure how to handle; when Avery past comes around to start trouble Daz shows Avery he can help her. This was good read!

*****ARC from Ardent Prose for review*****