Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Start Over - J. Saman


This was such a sweet story! The book starts off with Dr. Ivy Green who is drinking her sorrows away after losing a patient while on shift. She meets Claire and doesn’t realize that she is in a gay bar! Ivy gets coaxed into going to an engagement party with Claire and runs into her one and only one night stand Luke Walker. Ivy immediately recognizes him and she thinks he doesn’t recognize her, but he does.

Ivy is leaving for a fellowship in Boston in one month and Luke wants to start where they left off 10 years ago. The story is in both Ivy and Luke’s POV’s which is really nice.  The story wasn’t drawn out like other books and I was pleased by this. I also liked the fact that the author progressed their relationship and it wasn’t insta love. I also liked the fact that Luke did feel something for Ivy 10 years ago but couldn’t act on it right then because he had his issues to deal with. Now they have one month and one month is all it takes for them to fall and fall hard. But Ivy still has her obligation to the fellowship she agreed to.

I won’t give too much away, but I was almost heart broken when Ivy returned from her fellowship in Boston, but I am so glad the story ended the way it did. There is no cliffhanger (yes!!) and we have a HEA! I’m hoping the author will continue with Claire and Kyle’s story. I’m sure this will be a good one as well not to mention funny as Claire is hilarious in this book.

4 out 5 stars! ARC received by the author in exchange for an honest review.