Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Boss Unyielding - Nicole R. Locker - Review

Boss Unyielding: A Secret Baby Office Romance

***4 Stars***

I am pleasantly surprised by this book! It wasn’t too over the top and the characters are great.

Farren (I love this name by the way!) is a recent college graduate who aspires to get a job at Rogan Rayner’s company. She has set her sights on this company for as long as she can remember. She finally gets the interview but is shot down by Rogan immediately. Farren agrees to drinks with her bestie Shea after being shot down and to make matters worse, her boyfriend breaks up with her. She is having a moment outside the bar where Rogan sees and basically tells her to not cry because she didn’t get the job and Farren makes it clear for Rogan to get over himself and that she has other issues to be as upset as she is. After this, Rogan has a change of heart and offers Farren a job within his company in a different position from what she has applied for.

From here we see Farren and Rogan relationship progress and it was not insta love that we usually see in other books similar to this one.  They are both attracted to each other but they keep their relationship strictly professional. They eventually succumb to their attraction one night while on a business trip in Italy and this one night changes everything for Farren.  There are other players in the book that I would have liked to get more background information on Elaina and Dallas and find out what really happened to Craigan, but those were left unanswered and we can only assume what really happened between them. This a standalone book and we do have a HEA.

Overall, this was a really nice read. Perfect to read by the pool or on a beach with a drink in hand. You won’t be disappointed!

ARC received by Quill & Ink Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

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