Friday, May 12, 2017

Clutch by Drew Elyse - Review

 Clutch by Drew Elyse

*** 4 Stars!!***

This was a really nice MC story! I truly liked Gauge and Cami’s characters in the book. I also loved Cami and her dad’s Tank relationship in the story. It was very heartwarming.

Cami is engaged to her college boyfriend but is not happy in the relationship and is on auto pilot mode in her life. Tank sets out to visit his daughter for the day and Gauge rides along to clear his head after a mistake he made the night before. Once Gauge meets Cami, their attraction is instant. From here they develop somewhat of a friendship and are in contact with each other for a few months. Once Cami decides to leave her douche of a fiancé, Gauge stakes his claim and we see their relationship grow. But nothing is ever perfect!

A mistake from Gauge’s past makes itself present and Cami and Gauge have a long road ahead of them to overcome this setback in their relationship. It was really heartbreaking to see how Cami dealt with the added drama in her relationship with Gauge, but she was strong and I loved that about her. The drama hits the fan and Cami is forced to think everything over and Gauge is left to stew on what he did wrong. He does realize his mistake and I really didn’t like that it took the whole club to tell him what a jackass he was instead of sticking by Cami’s side. Will both Cami and Gauge overcome this setback and continue on the road to their HEA?

This was a great read and I definitely will read more from this author!

Review copy provided by Ardent Prose for an honest review.

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