Friday, May 19, 2017

The Bad Guy by Celia Aaron - Review

*****5 Psychopath (you will love) Stars*****
Celia Aaron always gives a good dark crazy read; she has knocked this one out the park. At one point I wanted to be Camille just to have Sebastian for a night or two. This book is about second chances, healing, self-reflection and learning how to deal with others but so much darkness in this journey. Sebastian takes stalking to a whole new level it’s more than an obsession for him Camille belongs to him that’s what he feels the end. Camille with Link (boyfriend/asshole) and meets Sebastian (Link’s boss) at Link’s work function. Sebastian feels at peace soon as he sees Camille and Sebastian has evoked feelings in Camille that she didn’t know she could have. Sebastian sets things into motion so he can have Camille and make her understand that she belongs to him. So what happens when Sebastian plan doesn’t as planned? Can Camille learn to how to deal with a hot psychopath who makes her feel thing she never has felt before? Can Sebastian see the errors in his ways? Camille and Sebastian are completely polar opposites that it works, this is a good read!
*****ARC from Give Me Books Promotions for review*****

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