Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Gangster by Sapphire Knight - Review

Gangster by Sapphire Knight

***4.5 Gangsterlicious Stars!!***

This was a really good story and I really enjoyed reading this book!

Thaddeus sets his sights on Grace while Grace is having lunch with her best Kayleigh. Grace has no clue who Thaddeus is and their first encounter with each other was hilarious!

From here Thaddeus determines Grace is the one and pursues her relentlessly. He decides to court her and it’s really sweet when we find out the explanation behind this. Thaddeus is a one hell of a bad ass but also has such a sweet side that you would think he’s not the bad ass that he really is. Grace is hilarious and strong minded in her own right and these two together just work.

Thaddeus knows what he wants and its Grace. Will Grace bounce once she finally realizes exactly who Thaddeus is and the business he is involved in or will Grace be the Bonnie to Thaddeus’ Clyde and be his ride or die to the end?

This was a great story and I recommend this book highly!! I’m glad that the author hinted that there will be more coming in the future. I’m really hoping Dillon and Kayleigh get their story!

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

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