Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Lover by Marni Mann - Review

Lover by

*****5 LOVER Stars*****
 This book is something else its soooo good; just make sure no one can read over your shoulder because there are some scenes that will leave you hot and needy and I had to stop every so often to look around to see if anyone knew what I was reading. So we meet Piper who is married to Cannon and their marriage is in a funk and Piper feels like she going to loose Cannon she can’t figure out what’s going on but she knows something not right. West is married to Tilly and their marriage has never be traditional it’s more of convenience; West hockey career ending unacceptable so they up and move to Florida and his wife wants to try something new swinging to try get West out of his funk.  Piper and Cannon agree to try swinging to see if it could help. So what happens when the guy on your morning runs that see and you find sexy walks through the door this book it what happens? Can Piper and Cannon survive swinging? Who has the best secret out of them? You Must Read!! 
*****ARC from Social Butterfly PR for review*****

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