Saturday, April 20, 2013

Crimson Footprints - Shewanda Pugh

Crimson Footprints

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review and I must say that was really nice read. Deena and Tak were enjoyable characters. The fact that Deena was bi-racial and how that affected how her family treated her was very moving. She endured so much as a young girl and continued to shoulder so much as an adult. If it wasn’t her grandmother or other family members giving her shit, it was people from work or clients from work.
Deena’s a very smart individual and accomplishing what she did growing up where she did never went to her head. I also enjoyed how Deena and Tak were really good friends before becoming lovers. What I did not like was how the story dragged a little when it came to them revealing their relationship. I can understand why both wanted to hold off, but wow, three years is a really long time not to mention that Tak’s father was also her boss.

Deena’s love for her family despite how they treated here was truly genuine. I applauded her backbone towards the end when it came to defending her relationship with Tak. I am glad this story had a great ending and loved the fact that even when both families detested their relationship, they made it work and overcame the odds.

Overall, this was a well written book that touched on issues that are very real in today’s world. Deena proved that just because you are bi-racial and grew up in a bad neighborhood does not dictate the outcome of how your life should be played. She defied the “norm” and went to college and became successful in her chosen career and fell in love with someone outside of her race and proved that she could be and would be happy.

I give Crimson Footprints 4.5 out of 5 stars. This was a really good read and I am very eager to read Lizzie and Kenji’s story in part II.  Special thanks to Shewanda for giving me a copy of her book for this review! I look forward to part II.

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