Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Up In The Air Series - R.K. Lilley

In Flight (Up In The Air, #1) Mile High (Up In The Air, #2) Grounded (Up In The Air, #3)

Although I think I’ve had my fill on the billionaire falls for the girl seriesJ, I read this series because of the good reviews it received.

This series started off very promising. I really enjoyed the first two books but the third didn’t grab my attention the way the first two did. I loved the friendship between Bianca and Stephan. And although James tried to be very controlling of Bianca, he never in the books tried to interfere with their bond because he knew that doing that would result in losing Bianca.

The torture that Bianca, Stephan, and James endured during their childhood was very real and there were moments when I was actually teary eyed when reading. Also, in the third book, I feel that Bianca started to lose herself slowly which was probably the reason my interest dwindled in the third book. In the first two, she knew what she wanted and held firm to that. I love a strong heroine and Bianca wasn’t that in the third book. What I did like about the third was how the POVs were switched. That was nice addition that the previous two books did not have.

Overall, it was a good series, a little faced paced with the sequence of events but not a bad read.
3 out of 5 stars

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