Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Distraction by Emily Snow - Review


***4 Very Distracted Stars!!***

The title lives up to its name because when reading this, I was totally distracted from life J

I’ve read the Devoured series so when I got the chance to read Distraction, I jumped on it because I really like Devoured and Consumed! The characters Jamie and Mateo are just great!

Jamie is 28 and wants to settle down in life. She wants whole package, marriage, kids, white picket fence. Mateo just wants a distraction to forget about the scandal that is plaguing him currently. They meet under crazy circumstances when Jamie’s best friend Lucy is really close to being sued by Mateo because some really raunchy pictures made its way around the internet, but not purpose. Lucy thought she was sending the pictures privately not realizing they went public. Jamie accompanies Lucy to Mateo office to offer support to Lucy with the hopes to getting him to not sue as the leak was just a big ole misunderstanding. Mateo is instantly attracted to Jamie and vice-versa. From here the games begin!

Mateo pursues Jamie relentlessly and Jamie holds off because she is not looking for some fling. She really wants to settle down. Will Jamie allow herself to be the distraction Mateo wants, or will Mateo come to terms with his past and allow himself to be what Jamie wants??? This was a great read and I am very happy I got the chance to review this one!

ARC provided by Social Butterfly PR for honest review.

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