Monday, July 10, 2017

Blue by S.M. West

****4 Blue Stars****
My first S.M. West book and it was a heart pound, second chance all-consuming romance; the book kept me intoxicated with all the feeling in the story. Carys and Evan are soul mates since they were children but the age gap (3 years) made it hard on Evan when he was ready for Carys because he didn’t want hold her back from living her life and experiencing things he did. Carys did not care about what Evan thought she knew she belonged to him and did not want to wait. Years later Evan comes into some information about his parents and Carys father murder and decided he needed to get the truth so that meant leaving everything behind. When he finds the most the answers and Carys new boyfriend ready for more with her Evan decides it’s time to come home and claim what’s his again. Carys has never forgotten the boy/man who stole her heart and ripped it away when he went MIA and told her to move on. So Evan final comes home she has to decide can she let go of the hurt and pain he left her in. Can Evan and Carys move forward? Did Evan do a good job of keeping his cover when looking for answers? Can Evan keep his family safe?

*****ARC from Author S.M. West for review*****

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