Monday, July 10, 2017

Notice by K Webster

*****5 Stalker Stars*****

K. Webster knows how to write creepfest story that keeps you glued needing finish the book right away and wanting more and making you want the to be about creepfest. Violet past was not great she was able to get away from her tormentor 7 years ago; Violet’s ex got her hooked on drugs pimped her out and was very abusive and violent towards her. But now Violet is a different women she works for a real estate brokerage but she dissatisfied with her job she feels unappreciated and not to mention the inappropriate advances the men make towards her all the while her boss seems not notice anything or say anything with his one track mind sometimes she thinks he doesn’t notice even her. Grayson is a former Marine sniper and was injured during a mission the went completely went wrong; Grayson has always had a one track kind of mind and sometimes tends to become obsessed with things. Grayson is now one of Forbes Magazine’s most successful men and is hyperaware to a fault. Violet has final had enough and when she walks into her boss office to hand in her 2 weeks notice little did she know everything would change. While this woman drops her 2 weeks notice on his desk Grayson can’t seem to place her until Bull (best friend) reminds him of his personal assistant that has been working for him for 6 years, Violet. Violet wanted to be noticed for all the things she does from her boss but Violet has no idea what she just did when she gave her resignation she is now in Grayson cross-hairs. Remember Grayson is obsessive to a fault now that the switch has been turned on Violet is already consuming him. This is where all creepy, crazy things start and it’s so good and Violet’s pass comes out thing get really good.

*****ARC from Indie Sage PR for review*****

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